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What you get as a Junior Analyst.


The Origin

This pre-course introduction section is something we have carefully thought through and crafted, to make your learning curve as a trader as efficient as possible. This section will give you everything you need before you start learning technical concepts.

The Median

The Median consists of all the basic constructions of the market which are absolutely necessary to know before you proceed to the more advanced concepts. This will entail a full guide to market structure, which is essential to know.

The Refinement

The Refinement is the more advanced section of the program which entails extremely refined concepts. We call this section: The Refinement, because it will give you every tool you need to gauge consistency in your technical analysis. 

The Epilogue

The Epilogue acts as the last piece to the puzzle. After learning all of the contents in the chapters above, your head will be bombarded with new information. This means it'll need to be all tied together in order for you to apply it correctly.

Wyckoff Theory

This is a theory that is very dear to us, and we have utilised it for the most part of our trading careers. Wyckoff's theory represents the psychology of markets and allows us to depict the correct direction 97% of the time. Therefore, we'd like to teach it to you.

Psychological Conditioning

This is arguably the most important part of trading, by far. It is the make or break of consistency. This topic covers everything from motivation, to how you deal with wins and losses. Make sure you take in everything said in here, it'll change your way of life.


As tradition, you will be able to attend a team weekly zoom lecture where Alex & Matt will breakdown trades that were taken and occurred in the previous week, and what's potentially next for the week ahead.

The Advancement

The final touches.

We Integrate With Your Learning Ability.

Your whole style of trading will completely change after you finish this program. One of the best things about this program is that you can learn it at your own pace, whenever you want, and it doesn't take a genius to understand how to do it.

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