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25 Hours

5 Days

2-on-1 Trading Course

Join us on the 30th Floor in our Canary Wharf offices to receive a 2 on 1 directly from Alex & Matt over the course of 5 days. You'll be formally introduced to every necessary concept within the market to make you a consistently profitable trader. You will also receive an invite to the virtual trading course, too. To add a finishing touch, you'll also be invited out to dinner with Alex and Matt exclusively at the end of the successful week.



30+ Hours


Complete  Trading Program

This exclusive online program transforms traders all around the world. This is done via a simple but effective video course with access to the George Mortimer Trading Server. You will be provided with over 30 hours of exclusive video content which specifically teaches the ins and outs of technical analysis and the true ways of psychological conditioning. At the end of the program, you will be able to trade in a unique manner, consistently and efficiently. Handbook included.



30 Minute


George Mortimer E-Book

The George Mortimer E-Book has been catered and crafted to deliver 2 things: an easy to understand overview on our ideologies on specific concepts, and to provide the first step before undergoing either the program or in-person course. The e-book is a digital booklet consisting of around 14 pages and will only take the average reader around 30 minutes to read. The current versions that are available are English and Spanish.

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